What is the Gospel???

Hmmm… what is the Gospel???

(NOTE: I reserve the right to be completely wrong here and possibly change, modify, tweak, re-write or just eliminate this answer in the very near or far future.)

The Gospel; the word means “good news”, so what’s the good news?

First, the bad news;

He is God, I am not.

He is righteous, I am not.

He is glorious, I am not.

He is Holy, I am not.

He is perfect, I am not.

He is worthy, I am not.

He is God, I am not.

He is all these things and oh so much more.  I am evil, weak, lost, miserable and completely depraved.  One day He (the completely righteous, glorious, holy, perfect, and worthy God) will call on me to give an account of every action, of every thought, of every deed, of EVERY IDLE WORD.  These will be measured against His glorious righteous perfection and will be found wanting … the very best of that will be found in direct opposition to His perfectly holy worthiness, the very best will be judged sin, complete indebtedness ….

… faced with that truth, I will agree that I am completely unworthy to occupy the same creation with Him, much less aspire to attain a place in His heaven.  I will rightfully and deservedly crawl into a hole and pray the mountains fall on me.

Now the “Good News”;

“… born unto you this day in the city of David is a Savior … the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.”

Knowing that I could never on my own attain the necessary attributes for entry into His perfect heaven, He provided a way, the way, the Savior;  One Who paid the debt for my sin, the whole debt for the whole sin, One Who calls me out of my darkness to follow Him into His glorious light, One Whose perfectly glorious worthiness is extended to me …

… as a gift …

I ….

don’t know …


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