Top Of The Heap

“He’s got a solid grip on Christianity.”

“I wish I had her faith.”

“If I could witness like him, I could really do something for God.”

“She prays so beautifully, maybe someday I’ll be a prayer warrior too.”

“If I could be like him…”

“If I could be like her …”

It seems natural for us to aspire to what we see as better in others, to be more than we are, to be the best we can be.  We are bent that way from the start; school, playground, games, sports, life; and it tries to carry over into our faith, our walk with God. Sometimes we even compete with ourselves; “I’m not what I once was.”  “I’ve come so far.”

I think we’re deluded … at best, deluded.

When you’re a filthy rag, being on top of the pile is no distinction.

All our righteousness, our very best, minus all the worst, placed in a pile is nothing but filthy rags.  All the best prayers, the best witnesses, the best praise songs, the best hymns, all of Billy Graham’s best, all of Mother Theresa’s best, ALL of it falls short of the glory of God. When we come face to face with the glory of God we will seek a hole and try to pull the mountain in behind us.  Every word we spoke will become as trivial as it truly is, our very best will be shown for its true worth measured against the perfection of the Creator God.  Unworthy is a wholly inadequate word, falls so short of the true position we have with a perfectly worthy God.  The best we can ever aspire to is filthy rags.

And yet, He is mindful of us.  A perfectly holy God is mindful of this pitiful excuse of a creature, more than that He desires a relationship with this worm.  Before the foundation of the world He chose to make us the object of His perfect unfailing love, pouring out grace everlasting after unending mercy.  This indescribable, all powerful, all knowing, almighty, uncreated, Master and Creator of all things, supremely magnificent God chose to love us.  Love us so much that He would put aside the deserved praise of all heaven to pull on the wretched skin of a man and provide a way for us to come to Him.

Thankfulness is such an inadequate word ….


2 Corinthians 9:15

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!


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6 responses to “Top Of The Heap

  • thinkingoutkeyboard

    He would rather die than be separated from you …

  • Cristal DuBois

    What’s amazing is that we are allowed to boldy approach the throne of the King. Yet we often find little satisfaction in this privilege nor do we take advantage of the opportunity. We find excitement in meeting sports stars and getting autographs. But, being allowed to enter into a relationship with the King of Kings should surpass all the temporal pleasures…especially since we’re filthy rags.

  • thefisherlady

    out of this miry clay He takes us and sets us on a Rock, and it is no longer I that liveth but He and He shines His beauty through all of my many cracks….He is utterly amazing that he remembers we are but dust and that out of this dust He makes a vessel unto honour… His name be praised! I will trade my filthy rags any day for an opportunity to be empty for Him to fill that my life might touch even one for Him.
    Thanks for your beautiful post today… always good to remember what He has saved us from.

    • thinkingoutkeyboard

      I’m coming to understand that these meager offerings are not mine at all, they are flashes of glimpses of the edges of His ways seen in a mirror darkly, shared with me in order that they be shared with others.

      “The chief end of man is to glorify God by enjoying Him forever.”
      –Westminster Shorter Catechism paraphrased by John Piper

      be blessed

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