He was leaning back in his chair, back against the wall, two legs floating in air, his eyes riveted on the tiny bit of technology held in both hands as his thumbs blurred over the tiny virtual keys.  Attempting to divide his attention between our conversation, and the earth-shattering content of the tiny screen, his sentences were broken into three word chunks;

“You don’t under … stand, I want … to, but I …”

That’ll take forever, never mind.

Our topic, a frequent one for discussion around church and a few of the more esoteric groups that allow me to hang about, was prayer, more specifically, “praying without ceasing”.  It’s a point I struggle with as well, but as he spoke something crept into my mind (crept into the crypt?), I looked around the room full of 20-somethings and 30-somethings (and a 50-something or two) and each one of us had a similar bit of technology held in a death grip by one or both hands.  Some thumbing away vigorously, while to others it appeared more like Linus’ blanket than anything of real use, but we each had one all the same.

I don’t know why that struck me, but it did, and looking down at mine, the first thing I saw was CONTACTS shining brightly from the row of icons.  Thumbing it opened a list scrolled by, dozens and dozens of names, some I know as well as anyone could, others were a brief connection no longer maintained, others were business contacts from, others were one time contractors for my home, each one representing a family, spouses, children, parents, each one a subject for prayer … I mean if I know them well enough to place their name and phone number on a list, do I not know them well enough to pray for them?

… oh my, if I prayed (really prayed) for each person on this simple list, why, it would take me all day …

… ummm …


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