For those who know me, consider this yet another diversion into the ether, for those who don’t, consider this merely a view from a different perspective, one with which you might agree or disagree.  These are merely my thoughts, nothing more, wandering through the tunnels of grey matter that may be better left unexplored.


Let’s see, where to begin … In the past several months I have found myself in discussions for which I have been on the wrong side from both sides (again, those who know me they are aware that such is NOT unusual.)  It was in one such discussion that a Christian acquaintance of mine actually questioned my salvation.  He quickly apologized and attempted to withdraw the statement, but I assured him that he was not the first who had done so, he wasn’t even the first one in this discussion who had done so, and all was well.

Here is the discussion in a nut shell; “evolutionism v creationism” my answer; “it matters not at all” and I am a heretic from both camps … perfect.

I am fairly well versed in the true science of evolution, I am well aware of the four major constructs and several of the minor constructs of the theory.  I am aware of its place in biology and medical sciences, but I am also keenly aware of what the science ACTUALLY claims and what the ‘evolution religionists’ promote it claims. I am aware of the genetic similarities and differences between various species, and I’m aware of the genetic markers that link certain species to a genetic tree and the convergence of that tree to a singular origin.   I find the topic quite interesting (but then I AM a heretic, right?).

I am also aware of the story in Genesis, God created the heavens and the earth, at a word; at a word, He spoke into being the universe; at a word, He hung the stars in the sky and called EACH one by name; at a word, He separated the light from the dark; at a word, He called forth the land and the sea and separated them; at a word, He called forth every plant and every animal after its kind to populate the earth; at a word, at HIS Word.  By His hand He formed the dust into the shape of a man and from His own Spirit, by His breath He breathed life into that dust and brought forth man, by His hand, by the will of God … and I believe in my bones that it is the truth (and the evolutionists label me anti-science heretic).


I find the dichotomy fascinating.


But here is where I fell afoul of my friend, my brother in Christ, I said it doesn’t matter … at all. He was exasperated, was not Genesis the ‘TRUTH’, yes, it was.  Was not ALL scripture God breathed, yes, it was.  Was not all scripture useful for … yes it was.  The how in the world could I say it didn’t matter???  It is the TRUTH and the TRUTH matters!  “Are you sure you are saved!?!?”

???ummm…. Yes I’m sure … right now …. (don’t ask me at 3:00 a, in the dark of night (both real and spiritual) when my battle is pitched, the answer may be different … or it may not … or …).


Here is precisely why it doesn’t matter, at least it doesn’t matter to me.

No one will go to hell because of their beliefs about evolution or creation and no one will go to heaven based on those beliefs.

There will be no check-off list at the Throne of Judgment about evolution (or a great many other things we Christians think are important). The only plea accepted there is, “by the blood of Jesus, I am saved”.  If thoughts/confusion/beliefs/speculation over evolution do not matter to the salvation of one’s soul then they do not matter AT ALL.

But more than that, if MY position on the issue PREVENTS one from reaching out to the Most High, if that position prevents him from responding when the Father draws him, then my exposition of my position is detrimental, it is a stumbling block to the ‘least of these’, it is SIN.   Yes it is truth, but if it is not beneficial, I can keep that truth to myself and probably SHOULD.


Answering His call is not about knowing and espousing ALL truth, it is about knowing HIM …

… it is NOT about knowing WHAT the truth is …

… it is knowing about WHO the truth is.



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