What next?

The last post (Dichotomy) was the easy part, here’s where it gets REALLY difficult … for me anyway.

Evolution and creation are out beyond arm’s length, creation was 6,000 or 7,000 years ago and I have a hard time remembering last Tuesday.  So let’s replace that bit of controversy with something closer to home.

 … say … gay marriage …

Still here??

Ok …

… what do we do with that … what do I do with that?

Prior to being saved, I was lost, it was dark I did the things lost people do, I muddled around in the utter darkness of my soul laying sin upon sin upon layers of sin.  It’s what I did, it’s what lost people do.  I am NEVER surprised at what lost people do, no matter how dark or depraved, they are lost.  (I AM frequently surprised at what people who claim they are saved do, but that is fodder for another post).

I praise Him every day that I was not required to clean up my act BEFORE He drew me into a relationship with Him, I was not required to cease from my sin, the sin I cherished, PRIOR to being ‘acceptable to Him.  While I was yet a sinner, while I was at enmity with Him, while I stood neck deep in the mire of MY sin hurling curses at the Creator God, HE chose to draw me unto Himself, to ascribe to me sonship flowing from His OWN Son, to make me a joint-heir with Jesus to His very throne.  … while I was STILL committing my sin, reveling in it, soaking in it, steeping in my sin, HE chose to love me.

He drew me, still in sin, while the blood of my sin was still sticky on my hands, between my fingers.  He did not ask me to wash the sin from my soul before He drew me.  He did not ask me to eliminate the darkness from my heart before He drew me.  He did not ask me to cleanse my desire for sin from my mind before He drew me.  He did not ask me to change my life before He drew me.   He did that, all that, AFTER He drew me.

You see it is only AFTER His washing can my soul be clean, it is only AFTER His Light shines in my heart will the darkness flee, it is only AFTER His mind dwells in my mind can He begin to eliminate my desire for sin, it is only AFTER He is in control of my life can it ever be changed from what it was before He drew me to something acceptable to ANYONE.   PRIOR to that I was incapable, powerless, helpless to alter ANYTHING.  I was lost, dead in my sin, He made me alive IN HIM, He raised me up. I was separated, a stranger to Him in my sin, but He has made me a fellow citizen with the saints, a member of HIS own household, IN HIM.   Apart from Him I can do nothing, I am nothing, it is only IN HIM I live and move and have my being.

So …

… what of others??

… the lost among us, apart from us, apart from Him, the ‘least of these’ … what of them??

Must they ACT clean BEFORE His cleansing?  Must they ACT saved before we come alongside them and offer our feeble testimony?

… or …

Do we love them as we love ourselves, even when I was lost I wanted all the good things for myself, I wanted for myself, prosperity, blessing, hope, now I should want the same for others, loving my neighbor as myself.  I should want for the lost all the good things that come from being an heir with Christ, I should want for the lost His prosperity, His blessing and His hope … just as He desired the same for me … even while they are yet sinners … right??? I am to love them (my neighbors) as I love myself, wanting for them all the good things I want for myself … right???

… right??

… or …

… we can buy a chicken sandwich and a ball of yarn and pretend we’ve done something for His kingdom …


Romans 5:8

Ephesians 2:1-9

Acts 17:26-28

Matthew 22:36-40


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