The Birthmark of a Christian: Change

Biblical Word Studies

As I pursue strengthening my tools in witnessing, one of my weaker points is the reassurance of salvation to a fellow Christian who is struggling.  In this writing, I am continuing with part 2 of 5 for the birthmarks of a Christian.  This is taken from a sermon of Dr. David Jeremiah, where he list five birthmarks of a Christian, titled the Assurance of Salvation.  With the first birthmark, I learned confession is a coming into an agreement with a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ our Lord, and when this happens, something changes on the inside.  One of my evangelist friends explains to others this way, “There was a person you once were, and there is the person you are now.”  Something is different about the person you are becoming through Christ. 

 Dr. David Jeremiah expresses the change in four parts. 

       i.     If you…

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