Birthmark of a Christian: The Sinner’s Prayer

Biblical Word Studies

After publishing the first birthmark of a Christian, confession, I had a witnessing experience, where after a lady from Jamaica prayed (what some would call a Sinner’s Prayer), she said she felt the same as before.  I felt it didn’t work, but it should work!  She had been in church for 18 years, but was not saved.  She admitted she was not going to heaven, so I used the training God has given me over the past year, attempting to lead her to the first steps of Christianity, Christ and Him crucified. 

In the birthmark of confession, I learned of an example for the Hebrew word confession (Yadah) and knowing (Yada), and concluded with the Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew, that confession as used by Paul in Romans 10:8-13 was “a covenant between two people or between a King [God] and his people and was considered to…

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